Tomato Passata Book

The Tomato Passata is much more than a thick sauce obtained by cooking and straining fresh tomatoes. Its preparation as much as its taste represents a way of living, a secret passage into the Italian lifestyle, a password to simple, handmade happiness.

Tomatoes, onions, basil, oil and salt are all it takes for the ‘pasta con la salsa’, a simple but unbeatable recipe reaching the deep soul of a nation and representing well beyond a characteristic dish eaten all over the country. You will never forget the handling of the fresh tomatoes at the end of the summer, when they are at their ripest and fullest of flavour; the careful stirring of the red magma while cooking in the pan; the satisfaction of bottling it for the winter, when  you are storing joy as much as a natural, delicious healthy food.

Here is how to make and bottle the Passata, step by easy step, following the traditional Italian method to satisfy your soul alongside your appetite.