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Ian Williamson Blog
I designed the website and the logo.
Ian is a psychotherapist who works with children and adolescents. I designed his logo and blog website where he publishes articles sharing his experience and research.


Art Tuition and Artist
This website is a gallery of Susanna's works and exhibitions.


Theatre Director - Teatro Immagine
I designed the website and the logo.
This website is a biography of this great artist, theatre innovator and director, Mario Ricci.
In this website there are all the plays of this prolific artist.


Psychoanalytical Services
They offer therapy for people in the boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark in South London, as well as rooms for local therapists to rent.


Artist's Website
My client is a artist. In this website, her artworks is the core of the design. I photographed her artwork and designed the website from scratch.


Tarucco wines are very good and well known in Sicily. 
I worked for this company for several years designing and maintaining the website.
This was very complex work, because all the wines had a detailed technical scheme attached. 
Wimbledon Art Studios
10 Riverside Rd, London SW17 0BB
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